21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati

Five reasons to visit 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati (Ohio)

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

If you pass by Ohio and need to spend some days there, consider choosing a luxury hotel. Next up are the five reasons to visit 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati.

Shopping adventures
Cincinnati hotel carries a great selection of Eco products. You can engage in a bit of shopping on location but also check out the online store. The store also offers gifts, luxury accessories, and apparel. You can visit it daily starting it with 7 am and up until 11 pm.

Eat and drink
The hotel encompasses a few restaurants as well as a cocktail bar. Go to Metropole for the chance to experience gourmet cooking, and enjoy the varied selection. The restaurant specializes in International cuisine, and offers healthy salads, vegan meals, but also delicious roasts. The cocktail bar is a good spot to try an original cocktail or enjoy a glass of wine.

Enjoy the Spa
The Spa at Cincinnati hotel is nothing short of amazing. The diverse body therapies and peaceful atmosphere will awaken your senses and rejuvenate your body. If you feel stressed and worried, make a booking and enjoy an hour of pampering.

Go to the museum
Fans of art get the chance to see pieces by fame international artists. Exhibits are taking place on a weekly basis, so all you need to do is check the schedule. The museum is also open every day of the week, at any hour.

Visit the area
The city is full fun things to do. Visitors who enjoy sports will be glad to learn that many events take place here. Along with that, you might get the chance to attend one of the many annual festivals. Cincinnati is a colorful city with numerous nightclubs you may want to check out. As for shopping, some of the world's most popular brands have stores here.