Sugar Mountain Resort

Top 5 things to do in Sugar Mountain Resort

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

If you are wondering about the top 5 things to do in Sugar Mountain Resort, here is a list for you to check out! You can spend some great moments here, regardless of the season.

Ice Skating
Do you enjoy ice skating? Grab a pair of skates and head over to the rink. The skating sessions are priced at $15 for an hour, and you can always purchase your gear from the shop nearby. There is also a restaurant located nearby you can have lunch at.

Visit the Sugar Mountain Sports Shop
If you need to buy any type of sports equipment or outwear, visit this store for the best selections. The resort's Sport Shop features various sales and discount periods, and you may be in luck to find the pair of Ugg boots you always wanted. Accessories and gifts are also available here.

Enjoy a hearty meal
Sugar Mountain Resort is packed with family friendly restaurants you should visit. The Italian Restaurant serves homemade classic pizza and a variety of pasta dishes, while Sorrentos Bistro is specialized in gourmet dishes. You may also enjoy hosting a birthday or anniversary party here.

Hiking and biking trails
If you visit Sugar Mountain Resort in summer, you can keep active by engage in activities like biking and hiking. The trails are a pleasure to use, and the natural setting will help you disconnect from the world and have a good time.

Try tubing
If you want to try something different with your family, tubing sounds like the perfect idea. The sessions last all through the day, and start in the morning at 10 am. Get ready to remember this fun activity and make some new memories with your kids. The tickets can be purchased straight from the boot, and you can even save time by printing an online form.