Aaron's Gate Country Getaways

Five reasons to visit Aaron's Gate Country Getaways

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

When Aaron's Gate Country Getaways was designed, the main desire was for the location to bring as much romance into its guests’ lives as possible. Surely not everyone is interested in romance, but may want some alone time, so here are just five reasons to visit Aaron's Gate Country Getaways.

Choose your desired destination
The Aaron's Gate Country Getaways B&B has 3 cottages and all of them are designed with a popular place in mind: France, England, and an exotic island. Choosing the preferred location will surely help you relax more during your getaway.

Go on your honeymoon
All the cottages are secluded, but close to the city. This way you can have as much privacy as you would hope for during your honeymoon. You should also ask about the Birds and Bees procreation package if you aim at getting pregnant.

Attend a class
Yes you want to relax or be with your spouse, but you can learn something new together. Some of the classes are free of charge, others are meant as a workshop and aimed at helping disabled people, and some others are even teaching useful stuff, like how to read food labels, and their meaning.

Visit the cemetery
Even if the graveyard is not the most romantic of places, the one found in Edmond where this inn is, has its own charm. It first opened in the 19th century and you can still see graves from back then. Some people do find these places rather interesting.

Go in the park
Taking a walk in the park is still seen a very relaxing activity. Edmond has many parks where residents go running, for a walk, picnic or to watch their children play. Visitors in town can do the same, especially if they want to feel more like home.