Water's Edge Retreat on Kelleys Island

A Five reasons to visit Water's Edge Retreat on Kelleys Island

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Perhaps you need a few days off to enjoy a vacation. If you don't know where to go as of yet, we have brought you five reasons to visit A Water's Edge Retreat on Kelleys Island.

Private beach
The island is a beautiful place for a summer retreat, and the resort features its own private beach. You can lounge in the sun and get a nice tan without being bothered by other tourists. The retreat also offer beach chairs and free towels. The extensive beach is a good spot for a morning or evening walk.

Gourmet eating
A Water's Edge Retreat offers an amazing breakfast that will boost your energy for the entire day. More than this, a sangria and snack hour is scheduled daily. Breakfast is served in the beautiful dining room with a beach view. The architecture of the room coupled with the hot pastries and fresh fruit make for an amazing culinary experience.

Rent a bike or take a walk
If you want to see the beautiful island for yourself, all you need to do is rent a bike. The bikes can be rented for a day or the entire period of your stay. Kelleys Island is quite big, so make sure to take at least a week off to experience everything it has to offer. Visitors here also enjoy talking walks and enjoying the slow paced atmosphere.

Garden hot tub
There is nothing more relaxing than relaxing in a hot tub, and A Water's Edge Retreat features one in the garden. Allow yourself to soak in and relieve the daily stress for at least an hour.

The resort's facilities
Although the resort was built a long time ago, it features some modern facilities such as air conditioning. The rooms are aesthetically pleasing and thus suit even the most picky guests.