The Esmeralda Inn

Top 5 things to do in The Esmeralda Inn

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

In case you were already considering this resort, here are the top op 5 things to do in The Esmeralda Inn. This mountain resort is friendly and fun.

Eat some amazing food
The Inn features a rustic restaurant that is always open for a party or reception. The casual and friendly restaurant uses local produce like fresh vegetables in every recipe. Furthermore, you can go and have a glass of wine or a beer here in the evening.

Shop at The Gift Shop
Are you looking for that amazing gift for your friends? The Gift Shop offers gorgeous and unique gifts that are perfect to bring back with you. The items can also be personalized with a thoughtful note. After you picked up the gift you wanted, enjoy a cup of hot coffee here and relax.

The Jacuzzi and Spa
The resort recently opened an 18 persons jacuzzi you can leisure at. The jacuzzi is a nice place to relax, see the fountain and maybe even warm up if you are feeling cold. After soaking up in the tub, head over to the Spa for a specialized treatment. The massages and body therapies are available to an appointment.

Visit Chimney Rock Park
If you drive for a few minutes you will find the Chimney Rock Park, a great place for hiking. The trails are challenging enough to keep your entertained but also suitable for beginners. You may also like playing in the lake, take pictures of the animals you encounter and even swim.

Have some fun shopping
Shopping is a fun vacation activity, so visit Hendersonville for the best stores in the area. Some big name brands are located here, and cafes are spread out along the way. The downtown part of the city is full of historical attractions that are a must see for a new tourist.