Red River

Top 5 things to do in Red River

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Most tourists like to go to places where they have stuff to do no matter the season. Red River is one of them, so this is a top 5 things to do in Red River (New Mexico).

Hiking and biking
There are many trails awaiting for new tourists to come discover them. They are appropriate for all ages and have various degrees of difficulty. Bikes can easily be rented in town. The best reason to want either activity is the view you will see at any time. You might also want to check out the hiking trips organized in town.

Show off your skills in winter
The mountain area is perfect for various winter related sports. You can try snowboarding, skiing or you can even ride a snowmobile. Snowshoeing is also available for those who want to hike in winter. Ski and snowboarding lessons are organized for those who need them.

Go on a day trip
One of the most interesting day trip is the one around The Enchanted Circle. By participating in this trip you’ll have the chance to see some 2 billion old rocks in the southwest. The Red River Fish Hatchery is a popular day trip for children.

Relax with a massage
There are many ways to relax when coming to Red River. One of them is through a massage session. A massage is also good after a long day exploring because your body will be tense and tired. This is the perfect way to get some rest as well.

Hold a meeting
The conference center is the ideal place to hold a meeting at. In fact, you can plan a meeting, reunion, party, or the whole wedding. No matter your needs regarding the event, they will all be met with professionalism as to eliminate as much stress as possible.