Adobe Resort

Five reasons to visit Adobe Resort

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Situated on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, right north of Yachats, Oregon, these are the five reasons to visit Adobe Resort.

To watch and listen to the waves
The Adobe Resort Dining room is just feet away from the Ocean and has a panoramic view from which you will not only be able to watch the magnificent sunsets, but also listen to the wonderful sounds of the waves endlessly crashing against the rocks. Don't hesitate to have an ice cold beer or a glass of wine while listening to the ocean's waves.

 Improve your golfing skills
The golf courses are not that close to this resort, however there are three of them and the friendly resort staff will gladly tell you how to reach them. The closest of them is 8 miles away to the North of Adobe Resort.

 Join the Oregon 50k or 30k marathon
Test your limits by signing up for any of these marathons. If you brought your kids they can run the 1k marathon. Feel your body give its all as this has only positive effects on your overall mood and health. All in all, running the marathon with your spouse and kids is sure one original way of doing things together.

 Watching the Pelican fish
While you sunbathe and relax on the beach, let yourself be surprised by nature. Pelicans fly around the area before diving silently and catching the unsuspecting fish. Watching nature just be around you is a pleasure for which you should save more time to enjoy.

 Watch whales swimming in the Pacific Ocean
Bring your binoculars because when the whales pass they give a magnificent show. These big mammals travel thousand of miles for a wonderful ritual of life. If you are lucky enough you may even catch a seagull taking a ride on sonme of the amazing creatures.