Agate Beach Inn

Five reasons to visit Agate Beach Inn

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Welcoming kids and pets alike it seems like you just found the perfect place for a family trip. These are other five reasons to visit The Agate Beach Inn.

To have a sleepover under the sea
Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium and have a sleepover at the aquarium. Feel for one night the magnificence of the sea above you. Watch sharks, halibut, rays, and other wonderful sea creatures that will make you fall asleep in paradise.

Kite fly with the kids at the beach
With the Pacific Ocean as the most wonderful scenario, and with winds that will elevate your kite and your heart; come and enjoy of kite flying barefoot, feeling the sand under your feet, and listening to the sounds of the waves.

To visit Yaquina Lighthouse
At a walking distance from the Inn, and built in 1872 is located and Yaquina lighthouse. Climb the stairs of the 93 feet lighthouse, have a look at the horizon and imagine and even catch a ship coming shore. If you are lucky feel the wind and the rain from this place, and go back in time to when ships were guided to safety by the lighthouse.

Have an adventure on the boat
Get closer to whales and watch them swimming by. Learn about the sea life, not just about the whales, and immerse yourself in the aquatic habitat of the ocean just by looking at it. Make sure to wear protective gear for your eyes as well. Kids really like this adventure.

Enjoy the Sea and Beach
Have sometime to take a bath in the waters of the Pacific, maybe do windsurfing, jog along the beach, or walk barefoot with your partner, take a sunbathe, read a book, have a cocktail while watching and feeling all the beach and the sea has to offer. There are plenty of ways to relax at the beach.