WaterColor Inn & Resort

WaterColor Inn & Resort (Florida)

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Planning a vacation should be a fun and not a stressful thing to do. But how can we be sure we chose the right resort? Well, here are the 5 reasons we should go to WaterColor Inn & Resort, a place where guests are assured to have a good vacation.

Get a SPA package
If you just want to get a relaxing treatment, opt for a day SPA package. The packages offered by the resort's spas can pretty much satisfy any guest's requirements. You can just lay down and enjoy a full day of facials or massages.

WaterColor Inn offers a variety of water sports like canoeing and you can even go on a kayak tour if you feel up to it. If you pay a visit to the BoatHouse, you can engage in fishing activities. The fees start somewhere at $60 for adults and $30 for children.

Not everyone likes water sports. If you prefer biking, you should rent one from The Bike Barn. The Bike Barn is also the place where you and your family can organize hiking trips and other bike related activities. Guides will be there to help you plan your excursions and activities.

Go to the fitness center
The fitness center at the WaterColor Inn is a good place to exercise alone or with an instructor. You can even take advantage of a personalized routine. The gym includes modern shower rooms and even a sauna. If you are more interested in yoga and pilates, you can attend a class at anytime.

The pool
You don't have to stay in the whole day even when you are tried. The WaterColor Inn has 6 pools, so you can choose a pool for swimming and another one for sunbathing. Cocktails, plush chairs and towels as well as a great atmosphere are the best way to take advantage of your Florida vacation.