Elizabeth Pointe Lodge

5 Reasons We Should Go To Elizabeth Pointe Lodge, Amelia Island (Florida)

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Ocean and sunset lovers alike have at least these 2 reasons to come on Amelia Island at the Elizabeth Pointe Lodge. For everybody else here are a minimum of 5 reasons we should go to  Elizabeth Pointe Lodge, Amelia Island (Florida).

For a romantic honeymoon
If you want a romantic getaway, even if it’s not a honeymoon, you can always go the Elizabeth Pointe Lodge. You’ll receive a bouquet of roses in the color of your choice, chocolate dipped strawberries, a bottle of champagne waiting in your room,  a restaurant gift card, and other surprises.

For the ocean island trip
While You do need tickets for this trip, this is an experience you should not pass on. You will pay a short visit to the Cumberland Island where you’ll see wild horses and their foals, you can see a Dutch submarine, and the local dolphin. There are other adventures still waiting to be discovered in this trip.

To explore the island
What people don’t really know about the Amelia Island is that it has 13 miles of pristine endless beach. The Front Street Marina, the Fernandina Harbour and Fernandina Plaza, all have something to offer to everyone visiting. If you want to be more in touch with the nature, then you should go in the Amelia Island State Park.

To learn some history
It is hard to imagine a romantic place to have some history lessons to offer. However the Bosquebello Cemetery, the historic Fort Clinch, or the historic Downtown, will give some interesting history lessons, most likely for free.

For the cuisine
Most people will wonder what will they eat while on a holiday. The Elizabeth Pointe Lodge offers gourmet breakfasts, full lunches, and after hours room service. If you’re still hungry in the evening you’ll be able to enjoy hors d'oeuvres with nice wines or beer in the evening. You can also try out waterfront dining on a large boat.