Villas by the Sea

Villas by the Sea (Georgia)

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Georgia is an interesting vacation spot for families and groups of friends. Searching for accommodation can take a lot of time, so here are the 5 reasons we should go to Villas by the Sea.

Choose a villa
One of the best things about the Villas by the Sea resort is that it gives the guests a chance to select a particular villa. The resort includes a mini villa, but also a three bedroom villa. Guests who need a place to stay for a longer time have the option to stay on an separate property on the island.

Opt for a romantic getaway
If you want to bond with your partner and just spend a few days together, the Villas by the Sea resort offers romantic packages as well. You will get 2 nights in a spacious villa, along with a bottle of champagne that will enhance the atmosphere.

Golf packages
Some visitors need more than just lounging in the sun, and golf may be something you would like to try. The resort provides golf packages, and these include staying in a separate villa equipped with a dining area and kitchen. You should also know that the gold packages are only available with an advanced booking.

Wedding ceremonies
Many couples would love the chance to have a beach wedding, and you may get to see your dream come true. The Villas by the Sea offers full wedding packages for a quite reasonable price.

The Driftwood Bistro Lounge
When you want to have a drink and enjoy the nice weather, head over to the Lounge for an hour or two. This is a casual place where families can hang out, eat and drink without worrying about their attire. The Driftwood Bistro Lounge stays open until 9 in the evening, except for Sundays when it is closed.