Paradise Valley Resort

Paradise Valley Resort (Georgia)

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

If you have no idea where to vacation next, we recommend a resort in Georgia as a top option. You may be wondering why, so here are the 5 reasons we should go to Paradise Valley Resort.

While the resort was founded in 1978 as a nudist campground, today it is so much more, it is a community of really cool people. It's a feeling of being your own person, wearing what you want to wear or nothing at all. It is a feeling of being free.

Water and sand volleyball
Most of the resort's guests prefer visiting during in summer, and this is the right time to play some water or sand volleyball. If you are not alone and visit with a large group of friends, your fun will be doubled. Volleyball provides a great way to spend a sunny day when you don't feel up for an excursion.

Check out the 3 pools
The Paradise Valley resort has not one but 3 pools for all of its guests. During summer, the pools offer that oasis where you can relax while enjoying a good book or a glass of champagne surrounded by nature.

Tanger Outlet Mall
Everyone likes to score a good deal especially while on a vacation, so visit this outlet mall if you are looking for a cool gift. The Tanger Mall is full of trendy but affordable clothes and accessories and is located only a few miles away from the main resort.

Check out the cool tiki bar
The bar offers personalized cocktails, a large selection of wine and champagne and of course, a good atmosphere. Snacks are also served here.

Private parties
If you are a member of the resort, you can host your own party here. You will get the chance to socialize with your crowd, but also mingle and make new friends. The resort's friendly atmosphere is something many guests love and makes them return the following year.