Lazy L at Willow Creek

Lazy L at Willow Creek - A Bed and Breakfast Resort (Delaware)

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Staying at a B&B during your holidays must be one of the most relaxing experiences, since you know you have at least one meal sorted out. With these 5 reasons we should go to Lazy L at Willow Creek, A Bed and Breakfast Resort (Delaware), nobody as a reason not to go.

Bring your pet
We all know how difficult it is to have some vacation time. Taking the family dog along makes the period more relaxing. Lazy L knows all this and allows its guests to bring their furry friends along, and can even point to other near-by pet-friendly locations.

Bird watching
Animal lovers will sure be happy to come here since they’ll be able to see up close owls, ducks, loons, herons, and other nice birds and animals. There are many places where these birds can be watched from: by the creek, on the porch, and even from an indoor lounge.

It’s opened year round
Many resorts around the world are opened during a specific season. The beach is amazing at Lazy L both in summer and in fall. Surely winter and spring have their own attractions for this resort, however the temperatures are always mild, no matter the season.

Don’t worry about your dietary needs
The chef at this bed and breakfast can cook your needed diet, no matter you’re diabetic, vegan, vegetarian, or have allergies. Other options include fresh fruits, yogurts, and freshly baked pastries, and other freshly made dishes like crepes, pancakes. The maple syrup is locally made. 

Enjoy the water
The resort’s pool is heated and everyone loves it in summer. There is also a hot tub available year round. The creek is just a few steps away from the pool. The guests are provided with special towels for the pool or the hot tub, found in the room.