Drifting Sands Oceanfront Motel

Drifting Sands Oceanfront Motel

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

The Drifting Sands Oceanfront Motel is a place where you can spend a nice time off with the whole family. Ignore the season because the motel is open year round. Next are just five reasons to go to Drifting Sands Oceanfront Motel (New Jersey).

You can have one day of free stay
The motel offers special packages for those who have a longer time off from work. For instance, a long weekend that includes staying from Friday till Sunday, can bring Monday stay free. Other special packages are offered for Valentines or President’s Day. Make sure to ask about these deals before booking.

Shop for surfing equipment
You have at least 3 stores offering everything you need to enjoy the ocean water as much as you want. The Ship Bottom Store is where all the surfing equipment is sold. The store is opened throughout the year. The Beach Haven store is open only in summer.

Play some golf
If you go to a hotel by the beach you don’t really expect to be able to play golf. However when staying at the Drifting Sands Oceanfront Motel you can practice your golfing skills as well. However the golf course is not on the grounds of the motel: you need to drive a little bit to reach it.

Free access to the beach
Nobody likes to pay to go to the beach on top of paying for a motel room. When booking a room at the Drifting Sands Oceanfront Motel you don’t have to pay to go to the beach. You also don’t have to pay to use the WiFi internet connection. The beach chairs and umbrellas must be rented though.

Bring the kids
There is nothing better than spending the whole day on the beach with your spouse and kids. The motel has rooms designed for those who come with their family, therefore you’ll easily feel like at home.