Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel

Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel (New Jersey)

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Staying at a hotel on the beach will make your vacation worthwhile. Check out the main five reasons to go to Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in New Jersey!

Explore the Asbury Park
The hotel is conveniently located in an area full of touristic attractions. You may enjoy seeing the historical area of of the town, get accustomed to its history and visit the art galleries. Summer festivals are a common occurrence in Asbury Park.

Go to the beach
The hotel is a few steps away from the beach. If the weather allows you, go there on a morning and get a nice tan while breathing in the fresh air. The beach is equipped with comfortable chairs, and many bars are placed for tourists who get thirsty. The Atlantic Ocean looks gorgeous, so all you have to do is buy some sunscreen lotion.

Eating and drinking
Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel provides its guests with the ultimate dining experience. The Berkeley Bar & Grill serves steaks, seafood and unique cocktails for all its guests to enjoy. Grab a sit and look around you in order to see the architectural decor and glamor of this restaurant.

Meetings and weddings
Your wedding can be the most beautiful day in your life. The luxurious resort features no less than 5 ballrooms which accommodate up to 500 guests. The rooms are spacious and full of glamor. If you want a truly unique wedding, ask about the available packages. The resort also offers wedding planning services.

Check out the pool
If you enjoy swimming at the pool rather than in the ocean, pay a visit to the outdoor pool. This is the place where adults can take some time off to relax, while kids engage in special activities brought to them by the hotel. When you feel tired, sit back and grab a drink at the bar.