El Pueblo Lodge

El Pueblo Lodge (New Mexico)

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Are you looking for a comfortable and budget friendly hotel in New Mexico? Read on for the main five reasons to go to El Pueblo Lodge!

Visit the historic district of Taos
If you always wondered how Native Americans used to live, take a walk around town and mingle with the locals. The 1000 year old village is an amazing mixture between the old and the new. Learn more about the rich history of Taos by visiting the museums and gravesites.

The hotel's amenities
El Pueblo Lodge is equipped with the best amenities that will make your stay comfortable. All the rooms feature wireless internet and coffee makers. The resort also includes a gym, a cool outdoor pool as well as a place for BBQ. If you can't leave your furry friend at home, you may be pleased to hear that pets are welcome here.

Go shopping in the city
El Pueblo Lodge is located right next to the Taos Plaza, a shopping center full of shops and boutiques. Here you can buy paintings, accessories, clothes but also toys and local souvenirs. The Plaza encompasses restaurants and bars for tourists who get hungry on their shopping trip.

Go skiing
If the weather allows it, go skiing in Taos Ski Valley. The Valley is situated about 18 miles away from the resort, so you can drive there and spend a whole day on the slopes. When you get bored of this place, drive to Red River or Angel Fire. Snowboarding is also available to people who enjoy this sport.

Attend a seasonal festival
The village hosts numerous festivals all year round. You can attend a culinary event, a music concert or an art exhibition. If you would like to see art being created in front of your eyes, go on a studio tour.