Bal Harbour Hotels

Bal Harbour Hotels (New Jersey)

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Families usually have a hard time travelling together especially when the hotel that want to stay at is not labeled as “family friendly.”  One of the five reasons to go to Bal Harbour Hotels (New Jersey) is because of its kids friendly policies.

Many options when it comes to enjoying the water
The Bal Harbour Hotel has 4 pools and a beach with a private entrance. One of the pools is designed for children because they love being in the water even more than we do. The biggest outdoor pool is shaped like an eight.

Practice various water sports
If you’re one of those who love extreme water sports be sure to check out the Wildwood Crest community. You’ll be able to engage in jet skiing and even parasailing. Surely these two sports are not the only ones to enjoy, therefore ask the hotel staff for more details.

Join an outdoor zumba class
Zumba is taking over the world when it comes to burning calories. The routine is intense and with the appropriate diet you can lose weight faster, or getting fit faster. Practicing zumba out in the open, breathing is ocean air will be more effective.

Sell or buy postcards
There are countless of people selling or buying postcards for various reasons. If you like postcards or if you have some for sale, find out when the fare happens and join it. The event is sponsored by George Boyer Museum and its Wildwood Historical Society.

Go see some old cars
At the Antique Auto Show you will not see just any old cars, but vintage vehicles. This auto show is clearly meant for all the guys out there no matter their age. Taking one home will most likely be impossible, but the experience is well worth it for the ladies too.