Coral Seas Oceanfront Motel

Coral Seas Oceanfront Motel (New Jersey)

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

If you want to enjoy your summer vacation, New Jersey sounds like a good location. Here are five reasons to go to Coral Seas Oceanfront Motel, a small and comfortable place for the entire family.

Go to the Fantasy Island Amusement Park
A cool amusement park is situated nearby the Coral Seas Motel. Take you family and go there for a full day of excitement and adventures. Ride the carousel, grab ice cream and play games with your kids. Everyone is assured to have a lovely time on a long summer day.

Shop at the Bay Village shops
Don't end your vacation without buying some cool stuff for yourself and friends at home. The Bay Village shops are only a short walk away. You may be able to find nice beach wear, souvenirs and even art pieces you can't find anywhere else.

Have fun at the Thunder ‘n’ Surf Water Park
This large water park is the place where your whole family can gather for a few hours. You will love having fun in the water or perhaps play golf. The park includes an 18 hole course that you may find challenging. After having so much fun, you can get lunch at one of the eateries there.

Listen to a live band
The beach hosts many music concerts in summer. Some of those are free, so take your friends and listen to new or established acts. The concerts are playing every week, but only in the evening.

Play some beach sports
If you want to keep active even during your vacation, play water sports. Surfing, scuba diving and jet skiing are common among locals and tourists. Less adventurous guests can choose to play tennis or volleyball instead. The beach is also a great place for a morning run or an evening walk.