Travel Informations

Travel Informations

  • By Jim K
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  • 01.03.2016

If you must live in the south west, go southwest, you will in most cases, pass through the Southwest Airlines. You can know all the necessary information related to your travel and arrival and departure times of all available flights and fares and to help guide southwest airlines. However, in order to save some money, you can easily travel, please follow a few tips.

Your first fare best are available for travel program, it is necessary to determine that the faster you will be good for you either, it is time because it is very limited , please give it a try. Can be for your trip, planned in advance to help you visit, or see the website of the airline, for you to save a lot of dollars to you.

Also the second, to buy tickets for a short trip to you, if you need to be able to participate in the frequent traveler program and Southwest, you will be the frequent visits and the southwest is longer than yours , you will be able to use to win a free ticket for the more expensive route.

Since the third found SW, I have less time according to the group when got into the passenger has not been assigned a passenger seat that is excellent. Is a group of the best gives you an opportunity to boarding your first, you have group A, B, C, ie the. Furthermore, you can create an additional seat selection, even when the state is reached, you will be able to arrange for the luggage bins. You will seat you in the middle, you would state C-you need to check your carry-on baggage or.

Some time before the arrival of the fourth flight, received flight arrives, airline pilot jet is currently in progress before the queue. when placed on the line or queue, in the seat next to the boarding area, if you are standing in front of a 30-minute flight you arrive, you will need to find its location, next to the seat operation it I happen to be.

During the fifth, it is necessary to wait to get your password. After you pay a small fee for some companies to help you book a pass in advance, you will be able to obtain a license.

Before boarding general sixth, children up to the age of eleven, even on the first board from five with no elderly people you are traveling with people and children under 5 years of age any with disabilities better. Thus, if at the time of booking and check-in, you must provide a personal and special status.

Even though it was late at night before you leave, you did not need to print your boarding pass at home before the seventh, to provide a printed boarding pass, and now, 24-hour window I have a.

Before proceeding to the flight board, it is necessary to consider the luggage, because there is a policy luggage some, you eighth, you permit to carry a purse or briefcase size small personal with you and if it is, it is necessary to place a large item overhead bin. Did you have a status of C, if all reservoirs are entered, it is necessary to check your carry-on baggage.

If you try to get ninety-one first time, you need to sit down with the deck to the selected row directly, instead of chatting with your friends to set your luggage. Can not retreat when the plane is full, go back. At that moment, there is a responsibility to yourself to settle your luggage, you, please do not carry heavy loads that can not be up to the upper compartment.

You tenth, you are on board your be able to obtain a credit reward quick to be able to get a discount coupon some you want to use later in your journey If I can avail gifts and discounts.