Southwest Airlines Tips

Southwest Airlines Tips

  • By Jim K
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  • 01.03.2016

For unforeseen circumstances, I have to fly to Los Angeles the next day. I think people who never travel frequently. Because I always use Southwest Airlines travel from Northern California to Southern California for its price. Go to the website southwestern To view a list of available flights, but I was shocked to know that each flight is priced at $ 124 Sat Total round trip, including taxes and fees are a whopping $ 269. What happened to the $ 49 one-way fare is often advertise? It seems that these low fares, you will need to book (usually 14 days) before a certain date. I also searched other sites, as all but the lowest price, travel, Expedia, and Priceline.

I decided to give up looking for me to pay $ 269 for Southwest years. After looking at the section titled "Apply" travel expenses I went through the check-out process. After a bit of research on the southwestern site, I learned that you can use the money from unused tickets when booked before your next. This person must be present there that would be willing to sell these loans at a low price before the hit, expires at me. However, I found these people here? Craiglist and eBay: Quick goolge for "southwest travel funds' returns two obvious places.

the first place I tried eBay. Please check out bingo and Credit "Southwest"! People, there are several auction that sells at a discount to their credit expired. After a quick scan, I am the original amount of the loan is $ 250, picked up one auction seller who sells a $ 200 buy it right now. This means that the saving of 20%! As with all eBay User careful, I check the seller's feedback and past auctions. I can assure you that there are no hidden fees. Since the e-service method in this case is not a shipping charge. Only the necessary information from the seller is the name that you entered in the Payment Details on the reservation and flight confirmation number.

I Payar (credit cards, money) to send notice to the seller that payment, waiting for my confirmation number and the name of the seller through Sat After about an hour I got a mail from the seller the required information. So, I'm going to buy a head, and I picked up before departing back to the Southwest website. Enter the information provided by the seller, I clicked on the "ticketless travel fund Apply" button. Bam! Now, $ 250, I was obliged to pay an additional $ 19 to complete the transaction and is only removed from your total. So, the final price, I paid $ 219 for the ticket sells for $ 269 originally. Save $ 50 maybe 15 minutes of work.

Just watch, take a look at some of the people saw the Craigslist I sell the same thing. However, I prefer to scan links in the eBay seller is because it was easy, I decided to go with eBay. I also did not want to admit that someone on Craigslist Paypal. My only choice was the same something you are not thrilled that I had with the seller in cash salary.