Top 3 Places to See and Top 3 Things to Do In Dallas

  • By Jim K
  • Resorts
  • 01.03.2016

Top 3 Places to See In Dallas

The Dallas Farmer’s Market

One of the largest public markets in the United States, the Dallas Farmers Market is a must visit spot when you’re in Dallas. For over sixty year the Dallas Farmers Market has stood as a source of locally grown food in downtown Dallas.

Dealey Plaza

Whether you accept the official report or thing there’s stuff we’re not being told, a visit to Dealey Plaza is a must for anyone in Dallas. The sight of the 1963 assignation of President John F. Kennedy holds a dark place in American History. It will cost you $13.50 per person to visit.

Nasher Sculpture Center

Since the 1950s when Raymond and Patsy Nasher traveled to Mexico and became interested in Pre-Columbian art, the Nasher Sculpture Center has been the premier locale for Pre-Columbian art.


Top 3 Things to Do In Dallas

Catch a Football Game

If you’re in Dallas during football season nothing says North Texas quite as much as the Dallas Cowboys football team. Football is more than just a game in Texas, it’s more like a way of life. Even if you don’t get to see a game at least make sure to pick of a jersey or two.

Burlesque Show at the Lakewood Theater

Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney both got their start in Burlesque shows and both of them played at the Lakewood Theater. For over 60 years the Lakewood has stood as a cultural landmark in East Dallas.

Take the Trolley Tour

Like many cities Dallas has a trolley tour. Unlike most other cities the Dallas Trolley Tour is free—though they wouldn’t turn down a donation if you were so inclined. It’s a great way to see the downtown and relax at the same time.