Castle Hill Resort And Spa

Five reasons to go to Castle Hill Resort And Spa (Cavendish, Vermont)

  • By Wandy K
  • Resorts
  • 01.08.2016

If you are looking for a resort in Cavendish, Vermont, here are five reasons to go to Castle Hill Resort And Spa. This upscale resort could be everything you need on your holiday.

Dining At Castle Hill Resort
Castle Hill Resort offers an amazing dining experience. The restaurant features many different cuisine styles, including a mix of French and American. The restaurant is eclectic and the right place for a romantic dinner with your significant other, but also one with your family. The chefs here use the most fresh local ingredients, and organic options are available too.

Attend an event
Cavendish is a town where many summer festivals take place, and you may be lucky enough to get to attend one. You can also take a walk into town and explore the art galleries, museums, and coffee shops spread all over town. There are also many farmer markets located here that you may want to check out.

Go on a tour
If you want to learn more about the area, consider taking a tour of the Green Mountain and the entire region. Excursions are available by bus, and you can even get to do some shopping while discovering everything that the town has to offer.

Aveda Concept Spa
The award winning spa is the best in the region. Aveda Concept Spa is the place to go for a relaxing massage, aromatherapy session or a couples massage. Spa packages are available here as well, along with hairstyling and makeup services. Your body and spirit will be refreshed, and you will return home with a different mindset.

Okemo State Forest-Buttermilk Falls
If you want to go swimming. Buttermilk Falls is the perfect spot for this summer activity. Take your friends or your kids with you and enjoy a day out in the sun. Furthermore. the area and its scenic views offer a great backdrop for pictures.